Garrison’s Predictions for Marketing in 2017

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So where is marketing headed next year? If we’re honest, things in the digital realm aren’t quite the same as they used to be.

It’s all going to be about customer accounts and what we say to them.

I wouldn’t bet on companies buying into fundamentally new technology (for example: digital ads vs print ads. That was a pretty fundamental shift). Heck, there won’t be a lot of new, fundamental tech concepts arriving in 2017 that we haven’t already been exposed to. At least not yet.

The point is, quick fixes and growth hacks aren’t what we’ll be looking for in 2017.

Instead, we’re going to be forced to tackle “account-based” marketing. This is marketing to each of your customers’ accounts using the tech you already have to the best of its ability.

The goal is deeper, more engaged customers. From Forrester, 37% of marketing leaders said improving customer experience is their second-highest priority, behind growing revenue.

For all you marketers and marketing agencies out there that are still focusing your sales pitch on your “mastery” of new technology, 2017 is going to be the year of reckoning for you. No longer will “I know how to run a Facebook ad” land you a $10,000 project. Change or die my friends.

If you aren’t focused on fairness, generosity, helpfulness and reliability for your customers, using the tech you already have, 2017 is going to punch you in the gut.

Time to step your game up!


Some of Gyrosity’s favorite tools for this: 

1. Chatbots

2. Mixpanel

3. Our Analysis Associate, Michael Crecca (his whole job is internal optimization of our processes, both for Gyrosity and our clients). If you want to ask him about his gig, email him here.


Garrison Snell
CEO of Gyrosity Projects


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